Sunday, February 12, 2012

overall reflection for the trip (ying xuan)

Okay! Let me recalled what really happened during 22-29 November 2011.
This is really driving me crazy! it was my first time to take the flight in my life, and i am heading to PERTH!
Set off at 21 november night, spent my night in the flight and only managed to sleep for three hours...
At Albany,
WE REACHED PERTH INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT!!! With company of three teachers and our tourguide.Being fetched by Mr Trevor, our first stop,Turndirrup National Park which is located in Albany which took us almost 4hrs to reached there. It was undescribable beautiful and i only can use awesome to describe that place!! Along our way to TNP we had gigantic burger as our lunch at country kitchen, located at Kojonup.

Its'nt awesome??!!

oh my...

we headed to the nearby place which is the WHALE WORLD!! And follow up by the WIND FARM!!!
Wind farm provided the electricity by generating wind turbinates and support the cities.
and our last stop for the day was Albany Town Centre for some local foods at the local supermarket.
We were the latest group.
Rest in at Banksia Garden Resort for that night.

At Walpole,
Rinse and shine. Had our breakfast and set off to Great Southern Grammar, it is a privated school.
Frankly speaking, the school is better intends of facilities,variety of subjects, cca are available for the
students to take part in and use as compared to our school. However, their classroom are not so condesive as compared to singapore's even though their class size was small.
We joined them playing baseball in their gymmaism( sport hall).
                                                     group photo with the students there.

examples being showed

compare with our school hall and you will know what i meant
Headed to the tree top, it was so scary... i am afraid of heights but i finished walking through the bridge.
 it makes me feel insecure walking on the bridge.
Located in the heart of valley of the Giants
40 metres high through the canopy of the tingle forest

Mr Trevor brought us to a site for us to feeed and view birds that live in that habitat.
Checked in in the Broadwater Beach Resort.

At Yallingup,
Woke up and had our breakfast in the area. unable to had the school exchange programme due to the firebush happened the day before,,, Everyone was quite affected since we had been informed. Mr Trevor drove as to a beach as a replacement for the actual programme. It was beautiful and sunny! Took a lot of jump shot photo there and collected seashells from there.
Headed to the Ngilgi Cave.
The name came about ...
It is associated with a rich Aboriginal legend describing a battle between a good and evil spirit.The locall Wardandi people tell the story as: Ngilgi, a good warrior spirit, lived near the sea and Wolgine, an eveil spirit, lived in the cave. Concerned for the welfare of his people,Ngilgi gathered together the spirits of the waves, lightning, rain, thunder and wind and they created a huge storm. Ngilgi attacked Wolgine and he generally drove Wolgine back through the cave. So fierce was the battle that a tunnel collapsed , cutting the cave off the sea.
This collapsed tunnel can still be seen today as a deep gully a short distance from the cave. Eventually Wolgine was driven up through the earth creating the present entrance. Wolgine was banished from the cave and Ngilgi claimed it as his own thus the cave became known as Ngilgis Nurilem(cave)

At Rockingham,
First stop was Fremantle Market.
It established in 1897, the Fremantle Markets are much more than a must see destination.They are an icon: an enticing collection of all that makes Fremantle so fantastic . Brought some local mementors and handmade cupcakes as  my supper.

Before lunch, visited Round house , it was quite meaningful and has a legend behind it.
Lunch was settled at SweetLips , fish and chips.

Follow up by Environment Centre,
learnt that some species had to be planted next to anothwer kind of plant to get rid of the flies that mind be attracted.

Next stop, Macadamia Nuts Farm.
The Macadamia nut originated ffrom Australia where it grows in the rainforests of the of the eastern coastal areas of the northern Rivers district of New South Wales and South- East Queensland.

At Swan Valley,
start the day by Caversham Wildlife Park,
The park now features about 200 species, and more than 2000head of animals, birds and reptiles; most housed in a walk-through environment. The park is the premiere development of its kind in Western Australia, attracting visitors from all over the world. Such is the park's status, that same of its breeding programs are officially recognised by Australia Zoos.

Nougat Factory!!!

Mercy Care Retirement Village.

Sang Christmas Carols and made christmas tree for the elderly living in the retirement village.
After that shop around (latest to be back on time again!)and have our dinner at Dragon seafood Restraunt. finally ate in a restraunt that need not to use fork and knife...

At Nambung National Park, 
Pinnacles Dessert
The limestone formations of the Pinnacles vary in size and shape; some are as small as  a mouse whilst many are as big as 3.5m high. These unusually shaped rocks have been likened to tombstones, termite moinds and even fingers. Although the dessert teems with wildlife , most animals are noctural. However, it is not uncommon to see western grey kangaroos, emus and many sorts of reptiles and birds like black-shouldered kites hanging around the strange stones.

At Guilderston:
Coastal Sand Dunes
having lots of fun here. This is the part i enjoyed the most during this experiential learning journey.

Follow up by,
Tree planting on the River banks!
the land was fully of sticks and i felt pain when walking on the ground... so planted my plant in the water instead of ground...
Never thought of the water will be that cold. Maybe start up at the sand too long and felt cold when my feet get in touch with the water surface.
Dinner at along the coast. sitting on the ground. shierving while eating.

At Habour Town,
 Habour Factory Outlet was our first stop for our last day trip in perth.
It is the very first Harbour Town began an outlet shopping revolution.Opened in December 1999 at Biggera Waters, Gold Coast , it was the first and largest purpose-built, brand direct outlet shopping centre in Australia. In fact, Harbour Town Gold Coast remains the nation's largest outlet shopping centre.

Next stop,
Sci Tech(CSI forensic investigators)
Conducted an investigation on evidence collected from the scene of a crime.

City Malls was the last stop before we transfer to airport for depature.
Shop until broke!! This is totally insane!
But before we transfer to airport we went here to take a view of the whole perth!! It was so beautiful!!

okay... after the crazy shop at city malls everyone gets tired and the flight was delayed...
This were what happened in the waiting point at about 1-2am.

 Shall end of by these photos: