Sunday, November 13, 2011


Today we had another meeting, and it clashed with my POA remedial so yeah, i came in later. At that time, I saw Michelle & YanPing helping out with Ms Kwok on the songs so I went over to see what I can help. 
From what I've observed, they have done on the Christmas trees. 
At around 12PM, we went to the iMac Lab to do the presentation slides about our school. 
Yup that's all for today's meeting! :)

P/S: Next week's tonight, WE WILL BE ON THE PLANE. ahahahhahahahhahahahha EXCITED EXCITED. 8D


Reflection by ME ( Bieber )


On this day , we did some handmade christmas tree and chose 6 Christmas carols .
Then we head to iMac lab to do a presentation about our school . 
We have to prepare everything in a quicker pace as we are lagging . 

8 more days , WOOOOO~ <3 
I hope we can do everything in time , and enjoy ourselves at Aus . 
Hi everyone, it's lunch time and i'm hungry.

We chose our songs for the carols which we are supposed to perform in the old folks home.
We are quite familarise with the songs so not much of rehearsing is required.

We also prepare our slides that is regarding skss which we are supposed to present in the schools there.

7 more days!!!!!!!

JiaYin x


During today's meeting, we learnt how to do a handmade christmas tree. We also went on the find our shirt size. We were also discussing on the presentation to tell the australians about the school. I am feeling very excited as it is only 7 days more!! ;DDDD

Shawn's Reflection

Today we try out our T-shirt size. We also learnt how to do a mini christmas tree. It's kind of simple, I bet the elderly would be able to do it in no time after we teach them.

We also decided the songs for the performance at the elderly home. All the songs are nice. I enjoyed singing. But I think we need more practices, so hope there is another meet up or so. Looking forward to the trip! :D Just one more week! :D

Helloooo ~

We learnt how to do DIY christmas trees , cutting out many different shapes of semi`circles.
We chose the t-shirt sizes for the perth trip .
Then , we chose the songs we wanted to sing and sang them ~
We went to the iMac lab to do presentations for the school exchange with 2 schools at perth .
We did reflection for today ~

8 more days ~



What have i done today?
Today, we sang Christmas Carol in school. This is to ensure that all of us are aware of the songs to sing during the old folk home.
And also, we did our powerpoint slide in the library to present it during the school exchange.
The content are about our school mission, motto, songs,etc.
 that all.

Joseline Chiok


Today, our objective for the meeting is to learn to make a mini christmas tree for our CIP to the old folk's home in Australia. We also chose carols to sing during the CIP too. Lastly,  we did a powerpoint slide to be presented during our school exchange.

Ahmad Shaqil Khan

Vivian Loh ! ( Reflection )

Today , we learn how to make a small christmas tree . cutting out the papers into shapes . We will be doing this christmas tree for the elderly people over at Australia . We also chosen christmas songs that we will be singing for the elderly over there . As we will be celebrating early christmas with them . Ater that , we went to the IMAC library to do powerpoints sides in groups of nine / eight for the presentation at the school visits in Australia . We would need to present to them about our school . Letting them know more about our school .

Looking forward to the trip next week ! :D 

Rachel ONGGG Reflection !:)

Hey peoples! Today was our another day of meeting , kinda music day? hahaha!!:)
we chosen 6 songs that we would be singing to the old folks there. we also cut out paper of shapes that would be done into a christmas tree! wow uh.. then we proceed to the IMAC library for the powerpoint slide and reflection! HERE I AM !!!:)
just NEXT WEEK ! looking forward !:)

todays reflection

Today we met up and we sang song that our friends prepared for the old folks.we also tried shirt sizes that we were gonna buy =D we also prepared slides for the school exchange ^^ so excited! 7 more daysssss!!!!! :D


We met at 10 in the morning today, in school and we learnt how to make our own "christmas tree" with just paper and glue. Afterwards, we prepared what we will be doing for the CIP at the old folks home- caroling. :) It was rather fun, singing with everyone and learning the lyrics.
After singing, we went up to the library, whereby we did a powerpoint slide on our school, and we will present it when we visit the local schools in Perth. :)

Reflections(what we did today?)

At first, we were all taught how to make a christmas tree by Ms Kwok.It only took a few steps to making the christmas tree. i feel that the elderly in the old folks home will be able to handle and make these christmas tree easily and i think that they will enjoy it very much. After that, we went to choose the songs  that we will be performing for the elderly. there were a total of six christmas carols.Also we started on a powerpoint, putting in information of what our school was about and the achievements our school made through these years. we were able to know what other CCAs have achieved and also how we spent our time at school.

By: Ronghui

Reflection for what we did today! :D

Today we gather at the 1N6 classroom to learn how to make a handmade christmas tree. We had to cut the template out. The christmas tree looked small but actually nice. We even test out our shirt size. :) I think that the shirt is still big for me even though its size is just small. I prefer the color black. Then we had to chose the songs that we had to sing at the old folks home. We chose six songs. We also had to create a powerpoint to introduce our school such as what we did daily and what have we achieved in our school.

This is by Cui Mei. O_O


We learnt how to do some DIY christmas trees just now. Next we also sang some christmas songs, those songs are actually part of our performance for the old folks (: The purpose of singing those today is to allow us to familiarise with the lyrics so that we can put up a better performance for them.
We have also prepared a powerpoint slide for us to present to the schools in Perth and that is to let them know more about our school. We have included our school's vision, mission etc. :D
7 MORE DAYS TO GO :> woooo~ 
Today we did some handicraft, we made paper christmas trees for the elderly to decorate. We also rehearsed our christmas carols for the performance. I particularly liked "Last Christmas".

Then we tried to do a presentation about sengkang to the people in Australia. I hope they will have a good impression on our school. (:

Rachel Yeo

REFLECTION (what we did today):D

For today, we discussed what we need to do at perth's old folk's home for CIP. We discussed about what Christmas songs we are going to sing for the elderly and the art and kraft we are going to do with them. We also created a powerpoint each for a group to introduce about our school, such as our CCAs and life in school.  We also decided on our sizes for our group's t-shirt.

Winnie koh 3e1 

Reflection for today~

We cut all the materials needed for the day.
We also prepared the song we wanna sing and we practiced.
Also, we prepared slides about our school.

Side track ; 7 DAYS MORE!!!!!!!

LIXIAN ^___^;;


Hulloooo ^^
Today we were taught how to do handmade christmas tree, we did some cuttings of paper to make the tree. this is my first time doing a handmade christmas tree. After that , we went up to the library to do some powerpoint slides about our school. Yupp , that's all . - Esther.


left one more week and we are going to PERTH!! today we have our meeting , we do some rehearsal for the performance for the elderly :) and we also do some cutting too...

We searched the school website to find positive information about our school and summarized them to a slideshow presentation. We also helped to cut the paper for the making of the christmas tree craft thing.

- Brynna

Monday, November 7, 2011



Soo two weeks ago , we had our first meeting for the AUS trip !
We learnt how to use glogster , COOL ~
We used glogster to glog about the places we are asked to research on .
Then we blogged about our personal reflections on blogger .
One week ago , we presented our glogster ~
We are also formed into different groups to perform for the old folks .



It's only about 2weeks more to the trip!!! SO FLY LIKE A G6~~~~ WAHAHA.

What have I done in preparation for the trip?
Actually to be frank, I did nothing much. :O 
#1: I did my Glogster! Took quite a looooooong time to do that and I have NO idea why. 
#2: After knowing that we're assigned to various activities, I went to look for some christmas carols.

13 MORE DAYS TO AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8D 


HULLO! ^o^ Rach soh here. Okay we're suppose to create a post right. Right, here i go! What have i done in preparation for this trip to Australia, Perth? Okay actually, i have only decided on the amount of clothes i'm going to bring. OH YA WE HAVE TO WEAR JEANS THROUGHOUT RIGHT? Aiya o_o...

Alright, i have not done my glogster on SWAN VALLEY yet cuz my laptop have been crashing whenever i visit the webpage. I've decided to get it done by this week though! 8D

2 MORE WEEKS TO PERTH!!!!!!! Okay i'm going to call up everyone and boast to em that i'm going AUSTRALIA OKAY, AUSTRALIA!!!! Andda i will create a souvenir list and get some presents for my loved ones too, especially gifts like NOUGATS!!!!!!!! XD

I gna' get the song list ready too by this Thursday along with Jas, Mich and Yanping!



Vivian Loh ! Reflection :)

i prepared for this trip by writing out information about perth , what i am doing during the perth trip on a notebook . i bought daily stuffs that are also needed for this trip .
I felt excited for this trip . During this journey , i hop that i can learn more new knowledge about perth , knowing more about the lifestyle of the people living in perth , making more new friends , knowing more about them ( their character , etc ) , and helping each other out during this trip :)

what i had done to prepare for the performance ?
deciding what performance my group will be doing , so that everyone will enjoy it .


I am looking forward to this trip as it has been a very long time since I have visited another country located so far away from Singapore besides my home country in South Korea. I am so excited for this trip! WOOHOO! =D my group has decided to sing a carol for the Australian elderlies in the old folks home. I hope the elderly will enjoy our performance and I hope this trip will be a good experience for me forever and ever and ever. yay haha lol YOONA <3


Days to going to Perth is getting closer.  From having to know about the trip to Perth till now waiting to go to Perth, it has been months since then but we are all still excited for it. It is my 1st time going to perth with my friends and teachers. I hope I can make new friends and learn more new things about Perth from this trip. These few weeks I have been researching on things about perth such as the places we are going two weeks exactly from now, discussing with my friends what we are going to do at there, etc. As the days drew near, we are getting more and more excited about the trip. We also went out together to get the things we are bringing to Perth and so on. I hope this trip will be fun and fruitful to us.




Shaqil's Personal Reflection

I am very excited to the build up to this learning journey to Australia as we will be ging with our friends. It gets me even more excited after doing some reseach before doing our Glogster posts and seeing others' posts. As for the performance at the old folk's home, our group has decided that we sing carols. So far, we only went to do our research on what songs we are going to perform there. 

Rachel "ONGGGG !" Reflection

What i had prepared so far? What i want to learnt?
Actually not much. just some daily stuffs and some information about perth :)
i want to know more about the friends that are going for this trip , knowing more information about them ( their character , etc ) we can also help each other . i also want to know the lifestyle at there . hope can learn more at there !!:)

What i had prepared for the performance?
just planned to combine with other groups .

Reflection (.__.)

14 days to the trip !?This is so fast, 2weeks ! SHOOOO EXCITED CAN! Actually i think i'm actually excited about sitting on the plane. Don't you think that the best part of the trip is sitting on the plane. ITS LIKE SO FUN. I think i won't sleep on the plane. OHWELL. Ok , this is so wrong , i should be excited for the things planned out for us. xD I want go buy all the nougat there. muahahahaha. LOL. Anw, my group has planned to do carolling for the old folks. I've never done that, so quite unsure though. heh. The teachers have told us to do research on the different places we are researching, so we've done a poster on the places. ITS ON GLOGSTER. I researched on the scitech centre we are going in perth. it's like a science discovery centre. we will be able to learn about forensics science! AWESOME RIGHT. yea, it is :D Done by : esther lee ~

My Personal Reflection

I am looking forward to this trip as it is the first time i am going overseas with my friends and it seems to be quite a fun trip. i am also excited about it as it is the first time i am traveling to perth. i am looking forward to the activities that i will be doing with my friends. my group has decided to sing a carol for the performance at the old folks home. i hope we will not get stage fright and do well for the performance. i am  very excited and look forward to the trip. i hope everyone have fun and enjoy themselves!

By: Pierson Phua


What have my group discussed and prepared for the trip?

So far, i have prepared a glog on the walpole tree top walk and i can't wait to go there to see the giant trees for myself! Seeing the presentation my friends have gave, about the sand dunes, nougat factory etc, i absolutely can't wait! :D

We have decided to distribute gifts to the old people, while singing and dancing. Or maybe sing and dance, then distribute the gifts. :D
My group, consisting of ShanYuan, Rachel Yeo and Lixian, will be joining with another group so that we will have more people to entertain the old folks, also increasing the volume of our singing.
We will be singing some christmas carols, or song related to christmas, so as to enhance the christmas spirit, even though there is still one month to go. :) I hope our presence will have a positive impact on the old folks and that they would love to have us there.

Rachel Toh (3E2)

Shawn's Reflection

  I am super duper excited! It's my first time going overseas with my friends! I bet it would be a new experience! YEAH! :D I went for the pre-trip briefing for the parents. I feel so excited by just hearing what agent talking about all the itinerary and all! Really hope we are going to Perth tomorrow! Wait no! I haven't bought all my stuff and packed my luggage! Maybe, two days later? :D Never mind, let's just be patient :)

  Speaking about buying stuff, I spend 300 dollars or more buying all the things I need. I spend around 2 hours for shopping! It broke my shopping time record! Amazing! :D Usually I only need half and hour or so to do shopping but this time 2 hours! It just shows how much things I bought!

  Now for the pre-trip preparation :D Mr Lee is rushing me! Let's shorten! I learn how to do glogster! Actually, that's all for now! My group decided to sing carol for the CIP. HAHA! Okay bye :)
What have my group prepared and discussed so far for the trip?
My group, consisting of rachel toh, rachel yeo, lixian and me will be joining another group for the performance for the old folks. This is because we believe that the more people performing together, the better the performance will be. As for the performance, we have decided to sing and dance.
We also already chosen some songs which is related to christmas. We will also be distributing gifts
for the old folks there, this is to make them feel loved and cared for.

Next, I have also researched on the places that we are going. I cant wait to go there and I strongly
believe that everyone will have lots of fun and most importantly, learn new stuffs(: As I take pure geography as my subject, I think that by visiting some of the places there, I will get to understand more
things like the landforms! Yaaaaaay ^^ ~~

by: Por Shan Yuan (3E2)

Post By Bobby

What have i done to prepare the trip:
I bought clothes for the trip!! Bought some jeans and shirts. Also i went on further to research on the itinerary like the places we will be going.
I went to look for some pictures of the hotel and posted it on our Australia FB wall.
ALso, me and my friends will discuss on this topics when we were having our breakfast, lunch,dinner and ever during our breaks.

What have i done to prepare for the old folk:
Will,since my group had decided to sing christmas carol for the old folk..i went to search for the possible songs that we will be singing in the old folk home. 
that all;)

I have already prepared my heart for the trip ever since it has been announced that i'm going!  I did research on the places that we are going to visit to increase our knowledge of the places even before we go there.  If chatting about the australia trip is considered as a type of preparation, then i also chat with those friends who are going during our free time very often.

What i am left with to prepare is probably the performances for the old folks in australia and packing of luggage, i think.

Jiayin xx 


I have settled down and am not too crazy for the trip as I was when I first signed up. I roughly know what we are going to do during the trip and I am looking forward to it. I have also looked at several pictures of where we are going to visit. Since I have most of what I need for the trip, I do not really need to prepare anything extra. Haven't really decided on what our group is going to do for the old folks yet but we are looking at organizing a few games for them to have fun with. 

I haven't done much to prepare for the trip. In fact, I've done nothing at all. Maybe I'm going to buy some new shoes for the trip but I think I have mostly everything I need for the trip. 

For the performance, we are planning to do some christmas songs for the elderly. We are still not sure what exactly to sing though... We will decide it soon (:

I had done some research on the caversham wildlife park on a glogster and read some of the other glogs about other places. I have some knowledge about the places we are going and I look forward to the trip! 

Rachel Yeo

Melvin's Reflection :D

I have been looking forward for the Learning Journey to Perth for a very long time already. i am very very excited for this trip. I am also looking forward to know more people from this perth trip as i do not know much people from this group. Also i wish to learn more about perth as i seldom go to other countries to visit. 

I am not physically prepared for this trip as i have not been to a country with temperature colder than singapore. I also have been thinking of how much to bring to perth as i do not know if i would much thing for my family. Also i am very excited for this trip as it is only 2 weeks from now. However i am not looking forward for the visit to the old folks home as i wanted to go to the orphanage to play with the kids there as it would be more fun. 


I prepared this trip by researching the places that I will be going. I am very excited that this trip is just a few days away!! :D First we, 'the kangaroos' were assigned of the places that we would be researching on so that we will be ready for what we will see there and i chose to research on a town call Walpole. It is a VERY NICE place! A very attractive place for sight seeing. OoO The information that we had researched was nicely decorated into a glogster and we each had to present it so that others will be not confuse of what we had wrote. Then there was a parent teacher meeting in the evening.....we were lectured on the things to bring and what to wear.

We also had to prepare a performance for the old folks at Australia and the theme is christmas carols. We managed to discuss in the groups that we were assigned to and come out with what we want to perform. I think most of us are going to sing. hoho I hope that the old folks there will enjoy. :)

This is reflected by: Fong Cui Mei ;D  


How have I prepared for this trip?
I have researched for the places that we are going and presented it on a glogster. For me, i found out about the nougat factory in Perth that i will be visiting during the trip. Through my research , i learnt that nougat is part of Australian lifestyle and nougat will be served during important occasions like weddings and birthdays. The members also shared their researches with us and I was able to be informed of and know the places we are going beforehand. This allows me to be prepared and look forward to the trip very much! Through several meetings for the trip, I was told that the temperature in Perth is slightly lower than Singapore and i was informed what to bring during the meetings. Also there will be a performance that we will be putting up for the elderly in old folks home during the trip. The members have decided to sing christmas carols for them. Lastly i am excited for this trip to Perth and visit the places there. :D                    
By : Ronghui

reflection :D

i have done some research on the places we are going and i get to know better on the places we are going. it make me more looking forward going to the trip to PERTH!!! the places we are going seen to be fun and we would get to learn lot of thing and knowledge through it.we are inform that we are going to perform a performance for the elderly and we manage to have some discussion on what we are going to perform. we are going to sing carols for the elderly:) hope that those elderly would enjoy the performance we perform for them...


Joniel's Reflection

  I have been looking forward to this vacation as i am not traveling this holiday which makes it really suffocating to be trapped within this mini country . It's really thrilling to go overseas with friends which has been one of my 'hope' especially since many of my good friends are going too ! Honestly , i have not been preparing much physically but only mentally . I have been thinking a lot recently about what are we going to experience , how many sets of clothes i am bringing , how many pair of jeans , trench coat or jacket ? 

      I have been worrying about how much i should bring , 200 AUD ? 250 AUD ? Simply , these are what i am planning , how much i am bringing most importantly. I didn't put much thought into the old folk's home visit because i'm not really excited . I was hoping for an orphanage trip instead , seeing blonde kids running around is definitely more exciting than singing Christmas carols in front of the elderly . 

My Personal Reflection

Dear Kangaroos,

I want to also share my personal thoughts about this trip. Since all of u have already done up your 1st post in the blog, i think i should also share, so its not like teachers and the rest read what u posted, but also, u can also see what the teachers have posted. its a 2 way thing :)

What I want to achieve for this trip

Bonding. I always believe that the smaller the group is, the closer the bond, coz its easier to gel. Like it or not, we'll be spending 8 days together. During these 8 days, we are Family. And after the 8 days, i hope we still are. the 2008 Europe trip was special, not because we went to places, probably no other SKSS student will get to go, but also the bond we have, even after the trip. We came together as almost complete strangers, as many didn't know each other, but we became tightly knitted after our European adventure. We still reminence over the days we spent there. I hope the same can happen to us for this trip. All of us will help one another, all of us will care for each other, all of us will keep a look-out for each other. After the trip, we are not only friends, we are also family. On your part, i expect, or rather the teachers will expect, everyone to mingle and know the people around, and not just to stick to ur cliques. And when u get to know everyone, the trip is going to be much much more fulfilling and memorable.I have brought students out on many trips before, in skss, and my previous school, so trust me on this.

Learn as much as you can. Sometimes along our journey, you may be tired, or feel ill. try as much as u can to learn, and get as much rest as u can at night. I know, for a matter of fact, on our flight there, 90% of will be sleepless on the plane, but try to get some rest. The only time you will rest will be almost 24hours later. I also expect attention to be given to the guide when he/she is addressing us. Because, thats when u can learn, and also a matter of courtesy.

Be thankful. Be thankful of the people around you, the friends u make, the teachers caring for you (i can vouch that Miss Kwok and Miss Lin are very caring and wonderful teachers), the people who will provide for your accomodation and meals, the school for subsidising you, your parents paying for this trip.

Prove to everyone that you are really the cream of the crop. You are chosen for this trip due to your results AND your conduct. Please demonstrate this at all times. Be enthusiastic, be forthcoming, be the best in everything u do. Show everyone u have rightfully earned your place in this trip. I think all of you are aware of the people we turned down for the Australia trip, so show everyone u deserve to be here, and not because your can afford to be here. There's no shame in making errors, its the spirit of trying that counts. Everyone knows that, do you?

Ok, let's make this a really wonderful trip for everyone of us. Its not only the teachers, but its up to each one of us. For your info, If you don;t already know, I will take lots of photos. i forbid anyone from covering their faces when i do so. ok, i am going for geog consultation already. I'll edit the doc if i forget anything else.


Mr Gavin Lee