Monday, November 7, 2011

Reflection (.__.)

14 days to the trip !?This is so fast, 2weeks ! SHOOOO EXCITED CAN! Actually i think i'm actually excited about sitting on the plane. Don't you think that the best part of the trip is sitting on the plane. ITS LIKE SO FUN. I think i won't sleep on the plane. OHWELL. Ok , this is so wrong , i should be excited for the things planned out for us. xD I want go buy all the nougat there. muahahahaha. LOL. Anw, my group has planned to do carolling for the old folks. I've never done that, so quite unsure though. heh. The teachers have told us to do research on the different places we are researching, so we've done a poster on the places. ITS ON GLOGSTER. I researched on the scitech centre we are going in perth. it's like a science discovery centre. we will be able to learn about forensics science! AWESOME RIGHT. yea, it is :D Done by : esther lee ~

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