Monday, November 7, 2011


HULLO! ^o^ Rach soh here. Okay we're suppose to create a post right. Right, here i go! What have i done in preparation for this trip to Australia, Perth? Okay actually, i have only decided on the amount of clothes i'm going to bring. OH YA WE HAVE TO WEAR JEANS THROUGHOUT RIGHT? Aiya o_o...

Alright, i have not done my glogster on SWAN VALLEY yet cuz my laptop have been crashing whenever i visit the webpage. I've decided to get it done by this week though! 8D

2 MORE WEEKS TO PERTH!!!!!!! Okay i'm going to call up everyone and boast to em that i'm going AUSTRALIA OKAY, AUSTRALIA!!!! Andda i will create a souvenir list and get some presents for my loved ones too, especially gifts like NOUGATS!!!!!!!! XD

I gna' get the song list ready too by this Thursday along with Jas, Mich and Yanping!



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