Monday, November 7, 2011

Joniel's Reflection

  I have been looking forward to this vacation as i am not traveling this holiday which makes it really suffocating to be trapped within this mini country . It's really thrilling to go overseas with friends which has been one of my 'hope' especially since many of my good friends are going too ! Honestly , i have not been preparing much physically but only mentally . I have been thinking a lot recently about what are we going to experience , how many sets of clothes i am bringing , how many pair of jeans , trench coat or jacket ? 

      I have been worrying about how much i should bring , 200 AUD ? 250 AUD ? Simply , these are what i am planning , how much i am bringing most importantly. I didn't put much thought into the old folk's home visit because i'm not really excited . I was hoping for an orphanage trip instead , seeing blonde kids running around is definitely more exciting than singing Christmas carols in front of the elderly . 

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