Monday, November 7, 2011


I prepared this trip by researching the places that I will be going. I am very excited that this trip is just a few days away!! :D First we, 'the kangaroos' were assigned of the places that we would be researching on so that we will be ready for what we will see there and i chose to research on a town call Walpole. It is a VERY NICE place! A very attractive place for sight seeing. OoO The information that we had researched was nicely decorated into a glogster and we each had to present it so that others will be not confuse of what we had wrote. Then there was a parent teacher meeting in the evening.....we were lectured on the things to bring and what to wear.

We also had to prepare a performance for the old folks at Australia and the theme is christmas carols. We managed to discuss in the groups that we were assigned to and come out with what we want to perform. I think most of us are going to sing. hoho I hope that the old folks there will enjoy. :)

This is reflected by: Fong Cui Mei ;D  

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