Monday, November 7, 2011


What have my group discussed and prepared for the trip?

So far, i have prepared a glog on the walpole tree top walk and i can't wait to go there to see the giant trees for myself! Seeing the presentation my friends have gave, about the sand dunes, nougat factory etc, i absolutely can't wait! :D

We have decided to distribute gifts to the old people, while singing and dancing. Or maybe sing and dance, then distribute the gifts. :D
My group, consisting of ShanYuan, Rachel Yeo and Lixian, will be joining with another group so that we will have more people to entertain the old folks, also increasing the volume of our singing.
We will be singing some christmas carols, or song related to christmas, so as to enhance the christmas spirit, even though there is still one month to go. :) I hope our presence will have a positive impact on the old folks and that they would love to have us there.

Rachel Toh (3E2)

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