Monday, November 7, 2011

My Personal Reflection

Dear Kangaroos,

I want to also share my personal thoughts about this trip. Since all of u have already done up your 1st post in the blog, i think i should also share, so its not like teachers and the rest read what u posted, but also, u can also see what the teachers have posted. its a 2 way thing :)

What I want to achieve for this trip

Bonding. I always believe that the smaller the group is, the closer the bond, coz its easier to gel. Like it or not, we'll be spending 8 days together. During these 8 days, we are Family. And after the 8 days, i hope we still are. the 2008 Europe trip was special, not because we went to places, probably no other SKSS student will get to go, but also the bond we have, even after the trip. We came together as almost complete strangers, as many didn't know each other, but we became tightly knitted after our European adventure. We still reminence over the days we spent there. I hope the same can happen to us for this trip. All of us will help one another, all of us will care for each other, all of us will keep a look-out for each other. After the trip, we are not only friends, we are also family. On your part, i expect, or rather the teachers will expect, everyone to mingle and know the people around, and not just to stick to ur cliques. And when u get to know everyone, the trip is going to be much much more fulfilling and memorable.I have brought students out on many trips before, in skss, and my previous school, so trust me on this.

Learn as much as you can. Sometimes along our journey, you may be tired, or feel ill. try as much as u can to learn, and get as much rest as u can at night. I know, for a matter of fact, on our flight there, 90% of will be sleepless on the plane, but try to get some rest. The only time you will rest will be almost 24hours later. I also expect attention to be given to the guide when he/she is addressing us. Because, thats when u can learn, and also a matter of courtesy.

Be thankful. Be thankful of the people around you, the friends u make, the teachers caring for you (i can vouch that Miss Kwok and Miss Lin are very caring and wonderful teachers), the people who will provide for your accomodation and meals, the school for subsidising you, your parents paying for this trip.

Prove to everyone that you are really the cream of the crop. You are chosen for this trip due to your results AND your conduct. Please demonstrate this at all times. Be enthusiastic, be forthcoming, be the best in everything u do. Show everyone u have rightfully earned your place in this trip. I think all of you are aware of the people we turned down for the Australia trip, so show everyone u deserve to be here, and not because your can afford to be here. There's no shame in making errors, its the spirit of trying that counts. Everyone knows that, do you?

Ok, let's make this a really wonderful trip for everyone of us. Its not only the teachers, but its up to each one of us. For your info, If you don;t already know, I will take lots of photos. i forbid anyone from covering their faces when i do so. ok, i am going for geog consultation already. I'll edit the doc if i forget anything else.


Mr Gavin Lee

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