Monday, November 7, 2011

Shawn's Reflection

  I am super duper excited! It's my first time going overseas with my friends! I bet it would be a new experience! YEAH! :D I went for the pre-trip briefing for the parents. I feel so excited by just hearing what agent talking about all the itinerary and all! Really hope we are going to Perth tomorrow! Wait no! I haven't bought all my stuff and packed my luggage! Maybe, two days later? :D Never mind, let's just be patient :)

  Speaking about buying stuff, I spend 300 dollars or more buying all the things I need. I spend around 2 hours for shopping! It broke my shopping time record! Amazing! :D Usually I only need half and hour or so to do shopping but this time 2 hours! It just shows how much things I bought!

  Now for the pre-trip preparation :D Mr Lee is rushing me! Let's shorten! I learn how to do glogster! Actually, that's all for now! My group decided to sing carol for the CIP. HAHA! Okay bye :)

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