Monday, November 7, 2011


How have I prepared for this trip?
I have researched for the places that we are going and presented it on a glogster. For me, i found out about the nougat factory in Perth that i will be visiting during the trip. Through my research , i learnt that nougat is part of Australian lifestyle and nougat will be served during important occasions like weddings and birthdays. The members also shared their researches with us and I was able to be informed of and know the places we are going beforehand. This allows me to be prepared and look forward to the trip very much! Through several meetings for the trip, I was told that the temperature in Perth is slightly lower than Singapore and i was informed what to bring during the meetings. Also there will be a performance that we will be putting up for the elderly in old folks home during the trip. The members have decided to sing christmas carols for them. Lastly i am excited for this trip to Perth and visit the places there. :D                    
By : Ronghui

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