Thursday, January 26, 2012

Killing Flies On Bus Rides.

On that very night, we took SQ225 flight and flew  HOPPED to Western Australia, Perth! I was SUPER DUPER excited to take the aeroplane though it wasn't my first time! AHHHHH -Mad excited- :B

"We're reaching Perth, please tighten your seat belts"


If I'm not wrong, we landed on Perth's airport @ around 0615AM. Everyone were still quite sleepy while checking out. Standing right in front of the entrance of Arrival stood Trevor! When I stepped out of the airport, the breeze there was so chilly! We boarded the coach and most of us went back to sleep. Observed Perth along the bus ride, and I realized that Perth isn't as developed as I've thought. It's like a countryside to me as there's cows, horses and sheeps on grazing the grasses on grasslands like those we've seen on books and TVs.
Okay finally after 4hrs+ of bus ride, we reached Albany, and had our lunch @Kojonup!
 Next, we headed straight for the Torndirrup National Park! :D

Love the place a lot!!!! It's so windy up there and the sound of the waves feels so comfortable~ Not only It's nice there, we've learnt about how the bridge(2ndpic) was form e.g: By wind, wave erosion etc. FYI, directly opposite is the Antarctica!!! :O

Later we went to the Whales World for some scenery,souvenirs and photo-taking! I love their blue sea, as compared to Singapore's greenish-brownish I don't know what color! 8)

Last venue of the day was the Wind Farm! The wind farm is enormous. :O And look at how tall the wind generator is..... Well what do the wind generators do? They help to generate electricity which limit the use of energy.

Before dinner, we went for some supermart shopping! Bought MANY tidbits for ourselves especially TIMTAMS! It's Dinner time! Had some Fish&Chips @ All Seasons Country Kitchen + some buffet. :) After which we checked in @ the Banksia Garden Resort! The resort was gorgeous like a perfect image of how I thought it would be. Comfy Beds, comfy living rooms with comfy-to-be-with people! :D
P/S: Still remember that night there was a spider attack tho. LOL!! >;)

Had a debrief @ 930~
That day was really enjoyable, and was looking forward to the upcoming days!

Rise & Shine, Had breakfast at the resort, and then boarded coach for GREAT SOUTHERN GRAMMAR!(Local School)
We were brought around the school and I observed a number of things:
-There's no canteens.
-The school compound is WAY bigger than normal Singapore's school.
-Aesthetics seemed to be more focused on there.
After we were brought around, we had some game of Crickets with the students there! Had a great time playing with them. :)
And of course, we had around an hour spent in a Maths class.
Well in my opinion, I still feel that education in Singapore is better as compared to Australia's. BUT. Not totally, cuz there's pros and cons actually.

NEXT: Departed for WALPOLE! Had lunch @Wooz&Suze Cafe! Ate Chicken Chop & some fries, yep.:D

And follow up, we were drove to Walpole Tree Top Walk area! The trees were like around 50M tall I guess, but we were only walking 40M above the ground. :) By the way, the bridge was shaky, not stabilized. .___. Not as scary as i imagined it to be though, cuz what i thought was like, the bridges are made of woods and it's quite dangerous. :O

After that whereby Trevor said we still have some time before dinner, we went for some bird feeding as well as tree climbing. :)

Had Lasagna for dinner!

 Checked in at the Broadwater Beach Resort at 730!
 Had debrief as usual with everyone in one of the resort.
That day was good too, keep it coming!!!! :D

DAY 3 

Rise & Shine! Had our breakfast at a certain restaurant which i can hardly recall. Due to the forest fire which happened nearby Margaret High, the trip to the school was cancelled. Instead, Trevor decided to bring us to the beach!!!!! YAY~ 8D

We'd a really great time taking pictures there and made some new Aussie friends too!
We then had our lunch at a certain Chinese restaurant. (finally some chinese food) 8D That day's lunch i think most of us didn't eat much cuz we had a very filling breakfast. So we left those mountains of beefs untouched. FYI, Their food comes in a very large proportion. ._.
Anyway, Coming up next was what I've been look forward to visit the MOST.........

OH. MY. GOD. ohmygodohmygod. IT WAS JAW DROPPING SERIOUSLY. I <3 THE PLACE A LOT. Ever since that time I've watched "Sanctum", I've always wanted to visit a cave!!! It is really nice in there and it's like 20degrees Celsius down there. But because Carbon Dioxide is dense underneath, it's more of humid rather than chilly. Okay but maybe a tad bit colder than above. :D

We were split into 2 groups and followed the guide around the cave. Learnt how to identify between real crystals and fake crystals! Wanna know please contact me for consultation fee first. Ha just joking. You can differentiate it by shining a torch at a crystal, if the light passes through the crystal, it's a real one. :) And then we also learnt that crystals have different colors due to the area where the rainfall passes through and down underneath. For e.g: Rainfall passes through the grass the crystal might become greenish in color(If i'm not wrong). :D
Next, of course, IT'S DINNER TIME. And guess what we had...

Had some leftovers, AGAIN, hahaha. But really, i have no idea why there's so many of it. There's like around 10 on a table. :O So we packed it and brought back to the hotel.:)
After dinner, while we were heading back to our coach, we met some racist Aussies. This really bothered me a lot. I was having mixed feelings towards Aussies since then. I suddenly felt the distant between people there.  I know it's hard to understand how I was feeling. I'm also having trouble to understand how I was feeling so never mind.. :/

We checked in @ Metro Hotel at 8PM! Was in the same room as Rachel SOH, Michelle & Yanping.:D Got into our own rooms, and we started to PARTY!~ hehehehehehehe.
As usual, we had our debriefs at 0930PM at the lobby. :)


It's already the 4th day! : |
Woke up, washed up, and went to the lobby for our breakfast. Had scrambled eggs, some hams and milk! Okay most of the time there will be scrambled eggs for breakfast in Aus. *-*
Was still quite tired that day, and wasn't looking forward to anything, I remembered clearly. But after the bus ride, I rested and recovered from my tiredness. :D So yeah, we went to the Memorial Of The Sailors! (If i'm not wrong :D) From what I know, it's in memorial of the sailors who died in World War? :O

Okay next we headed for THE ROUND HOUSE!
Oh and while walking there, we walked past this tunnel.
Trevor told us that in the past, whales, were being dragged along this tunnel and past the railway track to be slaughtered! :(
Poor whales!

LUNCH TIME! Had fish and chips @ SWEET LIPS :D

The fish and chips there is super delicious!!!! But couldn't finish everything cuz the proportion, once again, is too large. n_n No kidding, even the teachers had some leftovers. ^_^
Next stop is Rockingham! Went to the Environment Centre there. 
Okay am I the only who doesn't know that snakes DO shed their skin? 

Spot any difference? Yep it is born with only 3 flippers. But. See, it still lives on! :D

This creature above is said to be common in Western Australia.

Follow up is what some of us have been looking forward to, the visit to the Macadamia Nuts Farm! But to be honest, I'm quite disappointed that we were not shown the process of everything. :( 

FYI, It is really hard to crack a Mac nut, and that they will grow only in every 20years, therefore they are quite expensive. We bought it at like around 10SGD per pack. :O

Right after dinner at a restaurant, we headed straight back to our hotel. :D
Had debrief that night- practiced christmas carols for the next day, cuz we will be visiting the Mercy Care Retirement Village! 

DAY 5 
WOOPS. That day we woke up at 7:45 when we're supposed to meet at 8AM for breakfast! We had a shock of our lives but still dilly dally. hahaha okay in short we have no sense of urgency. xD
But Good thing we weren't late to board the coach! So first destination of the day is The Caversham Park!!! Seen many local animals there like Kangaroos & Koala! Heh took many photos with them and had much fun feeding them! :D

Koalas sleep for 18-20hours. hahaah so cute right!!!! They just hug the trunk and sleep!xD 

Kangaroos are adorable ones <3 <3

HAHA Look at that Fat & lazy Wombat. CUTENESS!!!!!! It only woke up for a few pictures and slept like all the time! 8D

After that, we went to the Nougat Factory! It was actually kinda upsetting as it was not what I've expected it to be, like being allowed into the "factory". We only managed to stand outside the factory and watch, not knowing the processes. :(

Most of us bought many packets of nougats and went off for our lunch @ Whuteman Park Café. :)
Following up is the visit to the Mercy Care Retrement Village! Along the bus ride we practiced the carols together and I was quite looking forward to it. :D

Although most of the time I can't catch what this elderly above was saying( Maybe because of her strong accent or was I partially deaf), but I've enjoyed my time there with her, in fact, all the elderly. :)
I've learnt that, we have to cherish the times we have now with our close ones, especially family. Look life positively too!

Had our dinner @ a seafood restaurant and bus-ed back to hotel :)
That day's debrief session was so so SOOOOOO emotional. Because everyone shared about their experience with the folks + Mr Gavin's talk. I think even the guys did cry, rightrightright. 8)
Well, that night our roommate turned in early if I didn't remember wrongly.

Supposed to meet at 7:30 but woke at 7:20AM!! We never fail to oversleep, everytime. x)
Had breakfast, and we boarded the coach for Pinnacles Desert! Okay so that's how deserts looks like. :)

The Pinnacles Desert's guide said that the Pinnacles are formed by wind & rain's energy. It's really amazing how they are formed!

It's SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPER fun!!!!!!!! I really miss that place, A LOTTTT. :(  REALLY A GOOD EXPERIENCE! How nice if SG has Sand Dune for us to sand board at....
Then we had tree planting afterwards. And it's BBQ time! A mini one though, love the chicken!
After that, We went to the Kmart to get some cup noodles for the night + some tidbits. :)
That day we didn't have debrief. And gosh, it was the last night already. :(
Some of us stayed up late and had much fun talking that night, and I only managed to turn in at 4AM. 8D

DAY 7 
It's already, the last day. :( :( Time reeeeeeally passes very fast when you're enjoying. And that's not really good. :(
That day we headed to the Harbour Town factory whereby things are going cheap! Bought quite a few stuff there, should have buy more though!
At 11AM, we went to the SciTech Foreignsic! It was really interesting but only if we can stay longer there. :(
Lunch time! And yeah, shopping again! But this time the stuff there are quite expensive. Nevertheless, we all had great time shopping! :)
After dinner, we headed to.....

After quite a time at that place, we went straight to the Perth airport. :(
It's almost time already. We bid farewell to Trevor and some of us were quite reluctant. Miss all the High-5s and SINGA SINGA SINGA! PORE PORE PORE! and stuff. He said that he's retiring after our batch and we were the last and the best ones. Hope to see him next time!!! :D
So yeah, we checked in the custom, and we got to know the flight was delayed for TWO LONG HOURS. LOL!!! Everyone were sounded asleep while waiting HAHAHHAHA. xD

During that flight, me & Rach slept throughout, and didn't manage to have our meal!!!!!!!!!!! Why did we sleeeeeeeeeep:( :(

Really had the best times there in Australia. Really glad that I did go for this trip! Made a number of friends, -contented- hahahaha. And most importantly, we've learnt some things & know how other places outside Singapore looks like. :D
Really miss the times we had there :(
Before I end......

IWESTERN AUSTRALIA, PERTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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