Tuesday, December 6, 2011


DAY 1 !

I'm super blessed I'm chosen for AUSTRALIA ! I love this country ! :D
okayy , so when we reached there , we were introduced to Trevor , our bus driver and tour guide :) He's super friendly ! So after eating the SUPER BIG burger and mushroom soup , we went to Torndirrup National Park . It's super beautiful and eye-catching. How I wish I can stay there . As it's located near the ocean , the sea breeze is cooling . It's also amazing how the natural  bridge was formed. It was formed by wind erosions, etc. Then we went to the wind farm. It saves the earth by generating eletricity. And it's quite cool haha .


DAY 2 !

School exchange !!!!! We visited Great Southern Grammar. The school is very very big and there's a lot of grass. Whereas ours is a small little patch XD haha . The students there are very active and friendly, they welcomed us once we reached there. They have lockers outside their classroom and they are not allowed to bring their bags into the classrooms. They took out their related books instead. I think it's quite special. They are quite sporty , as they play most sports. We played cricket and BASKETBALL ! I was like looking forward to playing . And their soccer is soccer plus rugby. And I love the high tea ! When we're leaving, a girl hugged us, she's so sweet :D . I'm super happy to hear from Mr Gavin they might be coming to singapore ! We will definitely welcome them back !! Then we went for Tree Top Walk , it's quite alike to SG , but anyways we enjoyed shaking the bridge :D then Trevor gave us a surprise , where we can climb the tree and feed birds . It's a great experience climbing up the tree ! When we reached Broadwater Resort , we were awed by its beauty. It's super cool ! There's two storeys and the balcony view is a tennis court. I enjoyed that night with my awesomies :D Rachel S , Jasmine LI LI , YANPING , Rachel T and SHANYUAN !!! They are super funny ! We killed mosquitoes with books hahaha ! And took lots of photos !

Our teachers .

DAY 3 !

As there is a bushfire last night , the school we're supposed to go to is closed. Thus Trevor brought us to Busselton Beach. I love the waves and sand ! Had so much fun with my friends too ! Then we head to Ngilgi Cave !! I enjoyed alot in the cave , and amazed by the limestones. It took so long for the limestones to form , and water to sip through ! And we got to play in the cave ! It's like a playground ! How we missed those young times ! Then we went to eat pizza . We had 8 pizzas on one table for 14 , and it's like so much !!! Then we checked in to Metro hotel . And as usual, we girls got together and bonded :D 

Looks like Aladdin's carpet :D

DAY 4 !

Fremantle Market !! We went there for a short shopping . We didnt bought much, as the stuffs there are quite expensive. After shopping, we went to the environment centre. I'm surprised that the walls were made from straws. The animals there are cute too ! Then we proceed to macadamia nuts farm. It's smaller than we expected :P ohh and we went to round house too !

Just keep swimming , just keep swimming :D

One flip . Disabled but determined and strong :')

DAY 5 !

Wildlife Park !!! KANGAROOS ! They are soooooo cute ! Especially when they nibble the food ! It's fun feeding them ! And their fur is soft :) enjoyed alot ! The wombat and koalas are adorable too .
Then we head to Mercy Care . We had joy there . I think its a blessing to sing christmas carols to them . As we only practiced a few times , I'm really surprised we all sang loud and clear without music. I believed the old folks enjoyed too . I enjoyed interacting with them too , and I got to know some of them . They're quite nice to talk to . I just hope they find joy and love . May God bless them :) I'm really happy when I knew the elderly I attended to is happy . I'm really touched . We should really treasure one another and everything we have , when they're gone , it's too late to regret . I hope they're doing fine now !
Then we went for shopping . Glad i bought some souvenirs for  family ^^

Like meh-meh :>

DAY 6 !

We went to the Pinnacles Desert , which is the best ! There are thousands of limestone pillars . We took quite a lot of jump shots ! It's amazing how it is formed in a long period of time.

Our young and cute Miss Kwok <3

 Then we head to sand diving !!!! It was thrilling ! As it's my first time , I enjoyed alot. And it's super tiring climbing all the way up . The boys there in Australia seriously have strength and I think they come here often ! Then we head to planting . It's quite cool planting our own . It's my first time too :P Then we ate BBQ and watch sunset :D it was B.E.A.UTIFUL ! We played the swing there too ! Everybody were like snatching to play ! HAHA ! As the food was not enough , we went to the minimart to buy magee . YAY we ate XIN MIAN :D it was super delicious ! And I love that night ! We had a girls talk ;D enjoyed talking to them :D It was our LAST NIGHT .

DAY 7 !

We head for SCITECH after some shopping ! Finally, I get to do some forensics :D I wanna be a police or a forensic :D yay !

The CASE . We enjoyed alot solving the crime. I learnt more about science too :) I felt elated doing this !

At night , we went to the remembrance of the WWI and II . The fire have not been put out for long . Then we took pictures at night . The city lights are beautiful ! Had fun lying on the grass with Rachel S and Brynna , singing songs too :D I picked a tree bark from the ground and gave Trevor to sign for remembrance ;)

DAY 8 !

It's time to leave Australia .
In conclusion, I felt helping out in the old folks home is really great. Giving joy to them is my main purpose. Also, after bonding with my friends, I got to know them more. I bacame more outspoken and enjoyed talking to them. Although all of us were reluctant , I believe we all enjoyed ourselves and treasured every moment . Not only I get to make new friends , we bonded quite well too . I think this is a great opportunity for me and I'm glad I am chosen for this trip. I learnt alot there .
Now , i'm looking forward to the CHALET !!! Can't wait ! :D Hehe ! See ya guys !


Peace ,
Mich :D

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