Friday, December 2, 2011

every wonderful moments (: (OVERALL REFLECTION BY SHANYUAN)

 Day 1
We arrived in Perth, with our 3 teachers and tourguide. Our driver, Trevor, then came to fetch us from the airport. We went to the torndirrup national park which is in Albany. It was very windy and I   enjoyed the scenery. I was really that I could visit this place because I finally can see the landforms with my own eyes. After that, we went to the wind farm where there are many windmills which help to generate electricity. Lastly, we went to Albany Town Centre to buy some snacks. After that, we checked into Banksia Garden Resort. (: I have learnt about what the windmill is for and how it actually helps.

the windmill(:

Day 2
We had our breakfast and checked out of the resort when we woke up in the morning. Our driver came to pick us after that and drove us to Great Southern Grammar School. We had P.E and Mathematics lesson with some of the students there. They are actually quite different from our school, for example, all the students there carry a common bag. They also do not have morning assembly when they go to school in the morning. I made some new friends and enjoyed the time when I was chatting with them :D Next, we went to the tree top walk which we walked a 40 metres high bridge through the forest. I have learnt about how the schools in Australia is like.
group photo!

maths lesson~~
Day 3
Due to the bushfire the day before, we were unable to visit the Margaret High School. I was quite disappointed about it. To replace that, our driver brought us to a beach. After playing around, we went to the Ngilgi cave. Well, most of us had problems pronouncing it :X The tour guide there brought us around the caves and I was amazed about the unique shapes of the rocks in the caves. I also learnt many new things from the tourguide such as how are the rocks formed.! :D 

looking up of the cave!!! AHHHH~
Day 4
First place we went after having our breakfast was the war memorial park. After a little while, we went to the fremantle market. I bought many souvenirs there. After that, we went to the round house, which we got to know more about the history and how the prisoners suffered in the past. Next, we went to the environment centre where we saw many different unique plants. We also got to feel the skull or leftovers of some animals such as kangaroos when they are dead. Lastly, we visited the macadamia nuts farm. I learnt how macadamia nuts are produced and that they are good for our health. Therefore, I decided to buy some of them (: I have learnt more about the animals when we were at the environment centre.(:
at the war memorial park.

dried animals. eeeeew.
Day 5
We went to quite a number of places today. First, we went to the caversham wildlife park. I can't believe that I actually fed and touched the kangaroos and the koalas! It was so unexpected! :D Then we went to the nougat factory, did not really go inside to the factory but we just stood outside and looked into the glass plane. We also bought some nougats there of course! ^^ Lastly, we went to Mercy Care Retirement Village, which is also one of our main visits on this trip. When we reached that place, the old folks were already there, waiting for our arrival. We began singing the christmas carols and I could see that they enjoyed our singing. The next activity is to teach them how to make handmade Christmas trees and to chat with them. Hence, i went up to one elderly and we started chatting. After that, we began to work on our christmas tree, she coloured them and I helped her to paste them. We ended after around 20minutes? She told me that she will put it on her desk and I was really satisfied  since she was so happy that moment. It was indeed a tiring day for all of us. I have learnt that we should take good care of the our parents or grandparents so that they will not be so miserable and end up at the old folks home.


mdm dorothy (:
Day 6
This morning, we travelled a long way to the Pinnacles Desert. I have learnt from the tourguide about how the limestones are formed. I expected the weather to be warm since it is a desert, however, it was the opposite. After lunch, we went to Guilderton for tree plantation and sand boarding. I enjoyed sand boarding a lot!!! It was exhausting but fun :> Today, i have also learnt about how the plant should be planted.
pinnacles desert!

sand boarding~

Day 7
We did a lot of shopping today! Firstly, we went to the Harbour Town Factory, there were many sales in the shops there. I LOVE IT! :D After that, we went to the scitech and learnt about CSI stuffs. I learnt how to solve a case, and also that we cannot assume such things because it might not be true.  Next, we went city mall where we had 3 hours of free time for us to shop. At night, we went to some park before going to the airport. Time passed so fast, we had to leave perth then, i felt quite upset.. 

THE END ): I learnt that we must treasure time ):

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