Sunday, December 4, 2011

Rachel Toh's.

We got off the plane early in the morning, and the first thing everyone was excited to find out about was THE WEATHER! :D And to everyone's delight, it was really cooling  and windy. :) Our first meal in Perth was at Kojonup cafe or something, where we had lemonade and mushroom soup and burgers. :) But i didnt really liked it.
Afterwards, we boarded the coach to Torndirrup National Park where we saw the Gap And Natural Bridge. It was extremely windy but the rock formations was cool. We also learnt about how weathering and erosion caused the rock formations to be formed and landslides at the hill/mountain.
We headed to the wind farm afterwards and there were huge windmills/ propellers thingy that generate electricity. :)

Lastly, we went to the Albany Town Centre where we visited the supermarket and bought quite a lot of snacks and sweets for our long bus rides the next few days. And dinner was at All Seasons Country Kitchen where we had fish and chips

We had a school exchange at GREAT SOUTHERN GRAMMAR~:D It was really fun and we got to interact with AUSTRALIANS~ We had a school tour and we played cricket, and also joined in their math class. :) Their school's area is really huge, but it is only one leveled. They have different CCAs like fishing, windsurfing and stuff because their school is located near waters.And one student could have like, more than 3 CCAs! They even have boarding houses for kids that houses are further away and their class size is about half of ours in singapore, meaning about 20 students per class there.
We then boarded the coach to walpole, and we went to the tree top walk where we walked on the bridge, through the tall trees .

Initially, we didnt had this program in our itinerary, but i guess our bus driver brought us there, because we got irritated by flies at the tree top walk and we didnt continue on. Anyway, the new place that our driver brought us to, had birds! And we fed them. Something like what you'll get at Jurong Bird Park. :)
We had dinner, and then checked in at Broadwater Beach Resort and IT IS HUGE~ :D
Breakfast was actually Macdonald's, but due to a bush fire, we had to cancel that, plus our school trip to Margaret River High School. ): Instead, we had breakfast at some bar or something, and we went to the beach! :D The weather was hot, but the cold icy seawater made us feel better. We sort of interacted with some of the australians there who were sun-tanning or just chilling out at the beach. :)
We proceeded to the Ngilgi Cave and we learnt about the limestone formations and how they grow only 1cm every 100 years. :O The cave was about half a million years old, which the guide said was young in terms of cave age, because the caves in australia were probably about 2 million years old. :)
Breakfast was scrambled eggs and bacon and sausages again. (>.<) and we headed to the war memorial first,   looking through the soldiers names who died while fighting in the war. We went to the fremantle markets afterwards, where we got souvenirs. :D We proceeded to the round house where we found out about the history and saw a submarine too. We went on to the environment centre, and found out things like how they keep the house cool, and how chickens help in recycling, as well as making the ground fertile. We had a chance to look around the centre too, where we saw reptiles and turtles, one of which was named one-flip, because the turtle lost one of its flipper in an accident, but it is getting better now and it will be released in the wild when it grows up and is fully recovered. :) We also went to the macadamia nuts farm where we bought, macadamia nuts and saw the harvester. We also visited the bell tower, where we took pictures and got to walk around.
We started our day going to the wildlife park, where we saw koalas, kangaroos, wombats and a lot of other animals. :) We got to feed the kangaroos and really got up close to them, patting their smooth fur. :D We then went to the nougat factory, followed by heading to the Mercy Care Retirement Village, where we did art and craft with them, making personalised christmas trees and singing christmas carols.It was really memorable, and the best elderly home visit EVER. It was a rather sad scene, because Australians dont do CIP like us, so the elderly there seldom have visitors and they were really touched by our presence that day. I felt like i really did a really nice and meaningful thing.(': and most of all, everyone enjoyed themselves.
It was our free time afterwards so we got to walk around the streets there, getting clothes and stuff for ourselves or families. :)
Woke up early today, and we went to the pinnacles desert! And again, we saw limestone formations. But we shouldnt refer them as limestone, calcium carbonate rocks, because they are formed differently and so they are referred to as PINNACLES. Afterwards we were split into two groups, where my group went for the tree planting activity first. We had to roll up our pants, going into ankle-deep river water to dig holes for tree planting. It was pretty fun, considering that i have never done it before. :) We went sand boarding after planting the trees and it was REALLY AWESOME~ But climbing up the sand dunes was really tiring because it was really steep. We even rolled down the sand without the board, and i collected like a huge pile of sand accidentally in my pockets. Dinner was barbeque, but we didnt really barbeque it ourselves and the food wasnt enough, so our kind bus driver brought us to a supermarket where we bought cupnoodles and ate it at our cosy hotel room when we got back. :D
Last day in Perth was SHOPPING! We started off with the factory outlets then the SciTech, where we examined things like fingerprints and tried to crack a case :) Afterwards we went to the city malls, where the stuff were a little more expensive but still awesome. :) At night, our bus driver brought us to a park, and we got to see the night city view and the "upside down tree".
Overall, it was a really awesome 7 days spent with my schoolmates and teachers and guide and driver, and i still miss australia a lot. ):
Ending this post with 4 Rachels out of the 26 kangaroos in the trip, :D

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