Sunday, December 4, 2011

Overall reflection by Cui Mei

Day 1

When we arrived at Perth around 7am, I was surprised that the weather there was very chilling. I felt impressed by the beautiful scenery in Perth. We first went to the Torndirrup National Park after having lunch at Kojunup along the way. The burger they served was very big. The journey was very long and boring. I slept throughout the journey to the Torndirrup National Park. There were so many rocks there, which were formed through weathering and erosion.
Then we went to the wind farm to learn how they use wind energy to produce electricity.
Lastly, we went shopping at the Albany town centre and this was where we stayed for the first night at Banksia Garden Resort.

what I have learnt or discovered today?
I have learnt a lot of how the coasts are formed how the people there lived. I also discovered that the weather there was very different from Singapore's and I kind of enjoyed that kind of weather.

Day 2
We went to the Great Southern Grammar school. The students there were very friendly and sociable. I think there were students ageing from around 4 years old to 17 years old studying there and they had alot of outdoor activities to choose from. We had a game of cricket. It was fun.

Then we went to the tree top walk. We were attacked by flies but I enjoyed walking on the shaky bridge.

 We went to another park where we fed the cute birds.
 what I have learnt or discovered today?
I have learnt how the teachers in Australia are like and how the daily lifestyle of the students in school. I also discovered that the animals there were not scared of us.

Day 3

The trip to Margaret high school was cancelled because of the serious bush fire. We went to the beach instead. The beach was breathtaking. The sand were soft and white.I went inside the souvenir shop and even bought an ice-cream to eat while watching the others playing at the beach. After that, I went to the nearby tennis court to watch the Australians play tennis.

 Then we proceed to the ngilgi cave. The temperature is cooling and humid. I learnt a lot of how the cave was formed. We went through a lot of tunnels and I even had fun of sliding through the tunnel of terror.
 The metro hotel that we would be staying for the rest of the days.

what I have learnt or discovered today?
I have learnt how the caves were formed and the different type of limestones in the cave. They were very fascinating and beautiful. I also discovered how the people there enjoyed at the beach.

Day 4

We went to fremantle to see the Round House,Monument Hill,Cappuccino Strip,Fishing Boat Harbor and Weekend Markets. We bought a lot of things from the weekend markets. We ate lunch at the sweetlips.
 The seagull that wants to eat fish and chips too. :D
 We next went to the environment centre.
We also went to the macadamia nuts farm to learn how the nuts were processed.

what I have learnt or discovered today?
I have learnt the different process needed to produce macadamia nuts  like how the shells were cracked, how they put different flavours. I also discovered the habits of the chicken. 

Day 5

We boarded the coach for the Caversham Wildlife park to see the animals there. The kangaroos were very cute and I even got to feed them. Some birds were also cute too as they are fat. The koala bears looked cuddly to me. Their furs were soft and smooth.Then we went to the nougat factory to buy nougat. I only bought one packet of nougat.

 After that, we went to the Mercy care to visit the elderly. We sang six Christmas carols for them and even guided them on how to make a handmade Christmas tree. I felt sad for the elderly....
what I have learnt or discovered today?
I learnt how to communicate with the elderly there. How I can make them enjoy their time with us. I also discovered the different animals there are that lived in Australia.

Day 6

We went to the Pinnacles desert to learn how they were formed. The weather there was cold and sunny.
 Then we were seperated to even and odd numbers. The even numbers would go for sand boarding first and vice versa. I am in the odd number group so I would be tree planting first.

 The sunset was very beautiful.

what I have learnt or discovered today?
I learnt how to sandboarding in the fun and safest way and how the pinnacles desert formed. I also discovered how a sunset looked like with my own eyes.
Day 7

We went to the Harbour town to shop. Then we went to the Scitech to learn how to investigate a crime with the evidence given. I found out that the culprit were neither the five suspects.We later went shopping again at the city malls. We had 4 hours there.

It was last night at Perth and I felt sad about leaving. I would miss Perth and the bus driver cum tour guide.
The End.....

what I have learnt or discovered today?
I learnt how I can catch a culprit with all the evidence available like comparing the differences between the shotgun bullets and by listening to the interview with the different suspects. I also discovered the beautiful night scene at Perth which was very different from Singapore in the way that it was much more bigger. All in all I discovered friendship in this trip.

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