Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 1

At first, i thought it is going to be rather hot in Albany/Perth but it turned out to be just right! After arriving at Perth, we had a 4 hours bus ride to Abany. I think i slept through the ride except for times when we need to get down for toilet break or lunch. We went to Torndirrup National Park first. It was beautiful. The sea, the landforms, the sky... Everthing there was just so beautiful. Next, we went to wind farm which has a lot of gigantic windmills. Like really gigantic. I know it's going be huge as it supply a big amount of electricity but i didn't know it's going to be that huge. After that, we went to Albany town center for shopping. Only managed to shop for snacks and biscuits for supper though.

Day 2 

We had school exchange at Great southern Grammer. Before we even got down the bus, we are already so hyped up, waving to those students who walked pass us. We toured around the school, played cricket together and had a mathematics lesson with them. It was fun and enjoyable even the most boring subject lesson is. What is the best is all of us made new friends. Their school is very different from our school. 
  • They have big variety of CCAs to choose from which includes CCA that Singapore's schools seldom have like fishing. 
  • Their school is only one storey high. One storey but big!
  • They have standadise school bags, shoes and socks. 
  • Their class size is small, around 20 students per class. 

Next, we went to Walpole's tree top walk. For me, it is nothing special because there is such place in Singapore. It would be better if we slow down the speed of walking and appreciate the nature. What spoils the day is the flies which constantly irritates us.

Day 3 

Supposedly , we have another school exchange but due to the bush fires that occurred, it was cancel. I think most of us were disappointed because we had so much fun in the previous school exchange. Further more, we are spending more time in this school and was going to have a talk or demonstration on wine making. But it's okay, Mr trevor brought us to a beach to replace the beach. Most of the time spent there was taking photos. Some of the local people who were in the beach even joined us for photos. 

Next, we went to Ngilgi cave. I was pretty amazed by it because it is so magnificent. You just have to be there to know how magnificent it is.

Day 4

We went to Fremantle for Monument Hill, weekend market and round house. After that, we also went to environment centre. To be honest, it wasn't what i expected and it was kind of boring. We went to Macadamia nuts farm too! I tried different flavors and bought some back home! I guess my favourite flavors is the smoke flavor. 

Day 5

A pretty interesting day. Firstly, we went to Caversham wildlife park. It was my first time interacting with animals that Singapore doesn't have like Kangaroos, Koalas and Wormbat. I like the kangaroos. They were so cute and friendly. I don't know how somebody (Joseline) can don't like them. Next was nougat factory! We went there simply just to buy nougats. No explaining of how it was made done. We went to the Mercy care retirement village next. When i just went in, i felt so disencouraged because most of the elderly look sleepy and when we sang the christmas carols, they look so distracted. After the songs, it's time to make mini paper christmas trees. I was attached to 2 90 plus years old lady and they are definitely wonderful. We sang the christmas carols again but this time, everyone is at their own tables. It was a more successful one as those elderly joined us. The people at my table even joined hand while singing during one of the song. It's truly heartwarming. The visit to the retirement village just prompt me to appreciate the people around me. We were suppose to visit an orphanage and it is changed to retirement village. We were complaining and even when i am in Australia, i was still disappointed that it was changed. However, after the visit, those feelings changed 360 degrees. It is one of my highlight of the trip. I believe that they feel the love that we gave and i really pray that God will continue to bless them. (Btw, it is my first time to a/an retirement village/old folks' home)

Day 6

We went to Pinnacles dessert. 

Then after that, we went to coastal sand dunes. We were actually split into half. Half of us went to coastal sand dunes and half of us went for tree planting on the river banks.The sand boarding was super cool. Despite it is very tiring when we climb up but it's all worth while. The fun-ness overwhelm the tiredness. It's a regret that Singapore doesn't have such places to hold such leisure activity or sand boarding is going to be my new hobby. 

Day 7

It was kind of shopping all the way. The CSI activity was fun though. 

Overall, the trip was simply awesome. I am still missing it. 

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