Sunday, December 4, 2011

Overall Reflection : RongHui

Day 1:
When i first arrived in Perth, I was suprised to see that there were many trees grown in inhabited places. There were also not many people walking around in the streets.
 After four hours on our coach, we had lunch and proceed to the Torndirrup National Park. I was able to learn how rock were formed due to weathering and erosion.  After that , we went to the wind farm, where I found out how wind mills are a great invention to us .And, all this make me realise that Perth, being a place with suitable conditions for nature growth, also contains many beautiful sceneries that I would never even expect.

Wind mills uses wind energy to generate electricity.

Day 2 :

we proceeded to Great Southern Grammar school for a school exchange.We were warmly welcomed by the school's staffs and their students there. Their first lesson was P.E and I was taught how to play cricket. It was my first time experience in this sport and I realised that the students there attend activities such as surfing and fishing. After all that fun and exciting game, I attended a maths lesson in their classrooms. to my surprise, their class room size were much smaller than ours and the students there were able to speak up easily.

After that, we went to the tree top walk. It was not that scary as what i thought earlier.I was able to see the magnificant height of the trees from above.
 Day 3:
Another interesting day!After yesterday's news of Margaret River having suffured from a serious bush fire, our trip to the school and wine yard was cancelled. Our guide gave us a surprise by driving us to the Busselton beach, which is one of the famous attractions there.

The next destination was the Ngilgi cave. It was cold and humid there. Being opened in 1900, I was able to learn how rocks , crystals are formed throughout the years. It was an great eye opener for me.

Day 4:
A short day for us.After breakfast, we were sent to Fremantle, touring the Monument Hill, Round House and the Cuppochino Strip. The monument Hill was built to commemorate the death of the soldiers during World War Two. The round house was actually the place of locking prisoners. The cuppochino strip played an important role in trading the the past. Also, we went shopping in the weekend markets. It was fun as i was able to find most of their goods there. After our lunch, Macademia nuts farm was the next. I learned the processes and benefits of macademia nuts there. I bought some Macademia nuts and proceeded to the environment centre. through the tour there, i was taught the importance of being environmentally friendly and trying our best to protect the marine life.

A turtle who lost one of its fins.


 Day 5 :
Today was an enjoyable day!At the Caversham Wildlife Park, i was able to interact and take photos with the kangaroos and koala. I never expect that i could look at them so closely. there were also many rare animals in the park. e.g the dingo creek and the wombat. After that was my most anticipated place , the Mondo Nougat Factory. I researched for it and was hoping to buy some of their nougats there.

 The last stop was the Mercy care performance for the elderly there. We prepared for it during the previous nights and it is the final time for us to perform. It was a great chance having been able to interact with Connie, who had lived in Singapore for fifty years before coming back to Australia. She is very healthy and even allowed me to understand more about others' conditions.

Day 6:
Amazing day!I had a great time at the Pinnacles, as well as sand boarding. the Pinnacles left me a great impact on how nature works. Throughout the years, limestone pillars rise mysteriously from the dune sands , which eventually formed the Pinnacles. it is a unique and spectacular experience for me.

The next stop was treee planting and sand boarding. I arrived at the sand pitch by the cruise and the sand was so fine and soft.I had fun in sand boarding but it makes me tired when i climb up the sand slope.I also played a little role in protecting the environment by planting trees on the river banks.

Day 7:
Being the last day of this experiencial learning , i sincerely hope that the members and I will remember those memorable moments that we have experienced through this trip. We went shopping at the harbour town factory outlets and the city malls. We proceeded to the Scitech. I was involved in a crime scene, where i had to find who is the thief who stole the bone. It was interesting as i had to use methods like comparing handwriting, paper chromatography to check the suspects.


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