Saturday, December 3, 2011

Overall Reflection, Brynna

Day 1

When we arrived, I was quite surprised by the chilly and windy weather in Perth. I did not expect it to be so cold. After a long bus ride, we arrived at a restaurant in Kojonup which served us a huge burger. I had a very good impression of the Aussies as I met a very friendly customer at the restaurant itself. She even told me where she lived and was heading to. From the great and friendly service of the restaurant waiters, I deduced that Australians can be very hospitable and welcoming. We first went to Torndirrup National Park which had such an undescribable beautiful view. I've never seen such humongous rocks and such blue sky and see in my life ever. This assured me that going for this trip was going to be awesome.

Above are images from Torndirrup National Park

We also headed to the wind farms which from its name, was very windy.

Day 2

In the morning after having our breakfast, we went to have an exchange at Great Southern Grammar school. There were many differences from the schools in Singapore. They start school at a much later timing than us. It is also mainly covered in grass than concrete. Many of the students there take part in various sporting activities such as fishing and surfing that we do not. Their students also have standardised school bags.

After lunch, we headed to Walpole's Tree Top Walk which was rather fun - more than I expected. Their trees were so much taller and greater in size than we have here. I have never seen such huge trees in my life. Unfortunately, on that day, that area was swarmed with so many flies. But it was still fun though.

Day 3

To our dismay, that had been a fire in WA and the school that we were supposed to go to had closed down for a few days. So, instead, the bus driver, Mr Trevor, brought us to the beach. We mainly just played around and had a lot of fun there.

After that, we went to the Ngilgi Cave. I have never been to such a cave before so this experience was pretty cool and interesting. We really went deep down the cave and felt the chills of it. Those rocks were really very very beautiful and amazing. Its hard to describe. Anyway, it was one of my highlights of this trip.

Day 4

We boarded for Fremantle and went to the round house after breakfast. The guide showed us how to captured and made prisoner's keep still by locking them in a trap thing. 

We also visited Monument Hill.

We went to the weekend markets for a little bit of shopping and then headed to the Macadamia Nuts Farm which was quite interesting as they showed us how they un-shelled the nuts and made them clean and flavour them. We were also allowed to try and buy whichever flavoured nuts we wanted.

Day 5

I think this day of the trip was my most enjoyable and memorable one.
Firstly, we went to the Caversham Wildlife Park where we got to see many different types of animals which we cannot in Singapore. We even got to touch and feed kangaroos! Which was really super fun... They were much more gentle and friendly than I expected. At first, I thought that they might kick and all, but they didnt. Of course, these were the tamed kangaroos. We also got to take a photo with a huge wombat. Lastly, we took pictures and petted several koala bears.

After visiting the Wildlife Park, we headed to Mercy Care retirement village. I had alot of fun spending time with these elderly people. They were extremely nice and welcoming and I think it was very memorable... Although many felt sort of emotional, I was filled with joy instead somehow. I guess my elderly only told me how joyful she was, which was why I felt that way...

Day 6

This day was pretty fun filled as well. We went to many sandy places such as the Pinnacles Desert and the Sand dunes! It was super cool. We even got to sand board/slide. Which was I guess the best ever.

Day 7

We mainly did some shopping at the malls. First, we went to the Factory outlet mall where many things were much cheaper than the other mall we went. After that, we went to the sci-tech centre where we went for the CSI Crime Investigation programme. Basically, they just gave us and explained the crime and made us go through several tests to find out who the culprit was out of the given suspects. 

After that, we did a little more shopping and visited King's Park on the way to the ariport. The city view was beautiful as well.

And then we just flew back to Singapore. 

- The End -

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