Sunday, December 4, 2011


I thought that the airport in Perth would be quite big or the same size as Singapore. However, when I reach the airport, I realize that the airport is actually quite small. When we walk out of the airport, I could feel the cool breeze, it just like in the air-conditional room. Our first destination is the Torndirrup National Park. The place there is beautiful; I could see the clear blue sea. Next, we went to the wind farm and supermarket to buy some stuff.

Today our first destination was the school exchange. The school there was huge in size. Not only that, all the students have the same school bags too; I was so shock about it. As in Singapore all the students have different bags and designs. They also have smaller class sizes which make the teacher life easier as they could control the class better. Next, we went to the tree top walk, I did not manage to enjoy the beautiful scenery. As the bridge shake a lot and I was too afraid to look around.

The visit to the Manganet River High School was cancelled. Thus, we went to the beach. The people over there were very friendly; we took photos together and have lot of fun! After that, we headed to the Ngilgi Cave. It was my first time going to the cave. The temperature inside was around 20 degree Celsius, we were like walking inside an air-conditional room. All the limestone has different shapes. When we flashed light on the limestone the colour would change.

We went to the Fermantle Market and we bought lot of souvenirs such as key chains. The things over there were quite expensive. But I think that everyone enjoyed shopping. We also went to the Roundhouse, Monument Hill. The scenery over there was very nice. We got to know how the prisoners in the Roundhouse were treated.  After that, we went to visit Macadamia Nut Farm. The worker showed us the steps on how to remove the nut`s shell and more. I realized how precious each nut is as it takes of years to grow…

Today we went to the Nougat Factory. This was the place that I was looking forward to. I thought that I could see the process on how nougat was make, however I did not got to see it, and it was such a pity.  However, all of us bought lot of different flavor of nougats. The next place we went to was Wildlife Park. I was so excited. We saw lot of animals and touched kangaroo and more. Next, we headed to Mercy Care Retirement. We sang song for them. Their laughter and smile make me felt that our effort had finally paid off.

Time past fast, it was the second last day of the trip. Today, we went to the Pinnacles desert. Everyone thought that it would be very hot but all of us were wrong. It was cooling and windy over there. After that, we had some tree planting on the river banks and sand boarding. It was my first time doing all these things. It was such a unforgettable experience.  Even though doing sand boarding was fun, it was so tired to climb all the way to the top.

It was the last day of the trip. I felt that the whole day we were just having shopping. I love going to the Habour Town factory. The stuffs over there were much cheaper than those items selling in city mall. After having some shopping, we went to the Sci Tech. it was so interesting! We were told to investigate a case; we check the fingerprint of the suspect and more. Next, we headed to the city mall and some places. And the trip to Perth ended…

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