Saturday, December 3, 2011

Overall Reflection by Joniel Chang.

Day 1
We arrive at Perth International Airport ( SQ 225 ) at around  7AM, took almost 4 hours to reach the Torndirrup National Park with lunch at Kojonup on the way there . The view is simply breathtaking and i don't think my vocabulary is strong enough to describe it so i shall use more pictures. The landforms were form through weathering and erosion. 
Torndirupp National Park
Torndirupp National Park

Torndirupp National Park

Torndirupp National Park
The next location we went was the Wind Farm , there were many windmills there and GARGANTUAN ones ! These windmills could generate electricity for Perth. 
Wind Farm (I like this shot)

Next , we went to Albany Town Centre to do some shopping at a local supermarket ! I bought some biscuits and Kettle Chips ! The locals are friendly as i had a conversation with this lady whom she took the initiative to ask which country am i from. We stayed at Banksia Garden Resort for a night. 

Day 2
We boarded the coach to Great Southern High School ; a private school. Frankly , the school is better compared to Seng Kang Secondary School but the reason is obvious , they paid a hefty sum of school fees. They have an enrollment of 700+ students but their school is about four times bigger than ours. They have a standardize school bag , socks , hat and uniform which in my opinion is good as fashion would not be be greatly emphasize on. We toured around the school before heading for Physical Education lesson. 
Gymnasium(I would call it a sports hall though) 

After playing a game of baseball with it's students , we took group photos and went for Maths lesson. 
They were learning Histogram while we played Knights Tale. 
Classroom, Fully Air-Conditioned & Spacious
We departed with a badge from their school to Walpole Tree Top Walk ! It wasn't really high as i was expecting but still , the 'fear' of dropping was there. 

The Driver then bought us to a site where we feed birds and then, checked in at Boardway Beach Resort. 

Day 3
We didn't went to Magaret River High School due to the bush fire but we went somewhere equally fun, the BEACH ! 

Group Jump Shot, was CRAZY
Headed to Ngilgi cave next where we saw how the rocks form , a cm per 100 years. I wonder how the cave would look like a million years later. 
Rocks glow in different color under lights too
We returned to Perth and checked in at Metro Hotel for the next 4 nights.
Day 4
 We boarded the coach for Fremantle , went to several tourist destinations like the Round House,Monument Hill,Cappuccino Strip,Fishing Boat Harbor and Weekend Markets where we did some shopping. Lunch at SweetLips! 

We proceeded to Rockingham , Environmental Centre and Macadamia Nuts Farm. I learn how macadamia nuts are produce , 25 years is how long it takes . There were many different flavor like caramel , smoke , spicy . 
Day 5
We boarded the coach for Caversham Wildlife Park where we fed and stroked Kangaroos , took pictures of Koala , Dingo , Peacock . We then went to Nougat Factory where we bought lots of Nougat ! 1Kg , 500G & 250G . 

Cute White Kangaroo
We then went to Nougat Factory where we bought lots of Nougat ! 1Kg , 500G & 250G . 

The Mercy Care visit was FUN , we sang carols for them and i could tell they really appreciated it.I then attached myself to a lady name Ms Haikan. I did a miniature Christmas Tree & sang Christmas Carols with her. The hardest question to answer was if we were coming back... 

Day 6
We went to the Pinnacles Desert at Nambung National Park where we learn about the formation of it.

We boarded coach to Guilderton , sat a cruise to plant trees near the river banks to stabilize the sand dunes.
Next , we went to the sand dunes for some ' sand sliding ' and ' sand rolling ' . 
I had many sand on me after the rides but still , i don't mind ! The view was great from the top, there was a river in between as we watch the sunset with barbeque dinner. It sure was a sandy day... 

Day 7
We went to SciTech, SCIRO LAB and did some mini experiments to uncover the murderer .

  It's shopping day ! We went to Habour Town Factory Outlets and a City Mall, no pictures though .Today , is the last day of the trip, i could tell everyone could not bear to leave Australia... Same goes for me. After these 7 days together , i feel that we bonded a lot and just as we were beginning to know each other more , the trip ended. Just like this , the Australia trip is over... 

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