Sunday, December 4, 2011

Overall Reflection, Han Warrior Sung Woo

Day 1

The moment I arrived at the airport I felt that it was very cold and straight away put on my jacket. After we got out of the airport we took the bus for 4 hours and ate huge burgers. After that we headed to the Torndirrup National Park, which had very beautiful scenery. Then we also headed to the wind-farm and the size of the propellors fascinated me as it was bigger than I expected. Lastly, we went to the Albany Town Centre and bought snacks to eat at night.

Day 2

After we had our breakfast in the morning, we headed to the bus again to go to the Great Southern Grammar school for an exchange program. We realized that there were a lot of differences between our school and their school. Some points were:
1. They have less number of students in one classroom.
2. Their school started later and also ended later.
3. They cook their own food in occasional days for lunch.
We made new Australian friends with the students from the school and learnt how to play cricket from them. We took pictures with them and I felt sad when we had to leave for our next schedule.
We took the bus and went to the Walpole's Tree Top Walk. I was amazed by the height of the trees. Unfortunately there were a lot of flies so I couldn't concentrate on the tracks so well.

Day 3

Unfortunately we could not visit the school we were supposed to go to due to an unexpected fire near the area. So we were taken to a beach to just relax and play on the beach until our next schedule. After playing on the beach we went to the Ngilgi Cave. This was the first time ever that I have ever went in a cave before, so it was a very interesting experience for me. Surprisingly inside the cave was very cooling and I enjoyed the tour inside. There were many amazing rocks inside the cave and I took a lot of pictures.

Day 4

We went to the Fremantle Market to buy things and then ate at the fish and chips restaurant. The fish and chips tasted really nice and it was one of the best one that I tasted in my life. Then we headed to the Round House and learnt how prisoners were treated in the past. We also went to the Environment Centre and saw a lot of animals and plants there. It was interesting for me as I got to know more about animals in Australia and interact with them. Lastly, we went to the Macadamia Nuts Farm and learnt how the nuts were made. I bought a few packets of nuts to bring home for my parents.

Day 5

We went to the Caversham Wildlife Park and got to see and touch a lot of animals. My favorite part of this visit was being able to touch the kangaroos as I didn't expect for them to be touchable. I also found out about new animals such as the wombat and thought it was fascinating to see animals that are not in Singapore. Also today, we went to the old folks home and this was probably the most memorable time I had in the trip to Australia. The elderly who I took care of was an Australian lady who was 88 years old. She was a sister in church. I made a christmas tree for her and gave it to her before I left. This experience to the old folks home reminded me of my grandparents and great grandmother in Korea. I felt the importance of the elderly and that we should treat them with a lot of love and care.

Day 6

We went to the Pinnacles Desert and saw a variety of rocks that varied in size. We learnt how the rocks were formed and also took a lot of pictures of ourselves on the desert. At the Guilderton we were separated into two groups and my group and I first went to plant trees on the river banks. After we finished we went to the sand dunes to experience sand boarding and I really enjoyed it. After all the activities we had a barbecue at the barbecue pit at the park.


Day 7

This was the last day of our trip. First, we went to the factory outlet in the morning to buy some clothes and gifts to bring back for our families and friends. I bought a lot of things and was satisfied with the shopping I did. After that we went to the SciTech centre and experimented a crime case. After the science centre we went to a mall in Perth, which was very big, but I did not shop as much as I did in the outlet as it was more expensive than the factory outlet. Then on the way to the airport we visited the King's Park and the scenery from above was fantastic. I didn't want to leave Perth, but sadly I'm in Singapore now.

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