Sunday, December 4, 2011

Overall Reflection by Ahmad Shaqil

Day 1

Touch down, checked out and off we go. First impression - super windy. Then, we straightaway hoped on the bus and headed for breakfast. I thought the soup was the breakfast. But then came the huge burger. No wonder they're all big-sized, having burgers for breakfast and all. Afterwards, we went to Torndirrup National Park where the scenery has got to be one of the best I've ever visited. More wind as we also visited a Wind Farm. We also stopped by a supermarket to grab a few things for our stay here before heading to our resort where we stayed for the night.

Day 2

On the second day, we visit a school there to see and experience what's life like as students in Australia. We played some cricket and basketball with their students and sat through a period of Maths class there. Then, we went to the Tree Top Walk which I felt rather disappointed because it was too short and nothing special. However, our bus driver made up for it by bringing us to a place where we fed birds.

Day 3

We were supposed to visit another school on the third day but we didn't manage to due to the fire that broke out. Instead, we filled that free time by going to the beach and just having fun. We mainly took jump-shots there. Following that was a tour of the Ngilgi Cave which was unexpectedly cooling for a cave being about 40m underground. It looks exactly like ones shown on television. 

Day 4

On the fourth day, we went to the Monument Hill and Round House to learn a bit of History. We also went for shopping at a weekend market there. We had a look at animals and plants at an Environment Centre and visited the Macadamia Nuts Farm too. Oh, and this was the only day out of the whole trip when we had free wi-fi.

Day 5

On the fifth day, we went to Caversham Wildlife Park where we mingled around with the kangaroos and fed them too! We also saw Australian animals like the Koala and Emu. I had a great time there. Then, we visited a retirement home for what was supposed to be a CIP programme. However, it turned out to be a heartwarming experience for not only me, but all of us. 


Day 6

On this day, we went to the Pinnacles Desert which I don't feel like it's a desert probably because it was chilly and I always expected deserts to be hot. After that, we went to Guilderton. Firstly, my group went to plant some trees at the river banks to help the environment a bit. Then, it was play time at the sand dunes where we did sand boarding - exactly the same as snowboarding except for instead of snow, we slid down sand.

Day 7

The highlight of this last and final day of the trip was mainly shopping. Except for the part where we visited the SciTech Centre and did some CSI work. And then back to shopping. However, our beloved driver brought us to King's Park as a surprise on the night before we had to go to the airport. The view and atmosphere there was simply magnificent and breathtaking. Lastly, we had last-minute photos with Mr. Trevor and finally checked in the airport. 

None of the photos used  belong to me. Credits to their respective owners.

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