Sunday, December 4, 2011

Reflection by Esther (:

First day of the trip we straight away headed for Albany.The weather was shockingly very cold very very different from Singapore's weather. However at the same time it's hot as well due to the sun. THERE WERE LOTS OF FLIES. Irritating flies xD The scenery at the Torndirrup National park was simply absolutely breathtaking. First time in my life seeing such blue ocean.                                                  

As far as i know there are no wind farms in Singapore right? So it was eye opening for me.

During the second day we headed to the Great southern Grammar school. We've got to experience how studying like in a private Australian school. One major difference between the schools in singapore and them is that their school is only built on the ground floor , no second or third floor unlike Singapore. Their classes also tend to be smaller in size like only having 20+ students in one class. Every students bag are being standardized,everyone has the same bag. perhaps this is to prevent the school's student to worry about who is having a nicer bag and all that! We had PE lessons and maths lesson with them ! During the PE lesson we learnt how to play cricket ! FUN!
Due to the bush fire near the Margaret River high school , there was a change of plans and instead we headed to the beach! The people there were really really very friendly ! They agreed to take photo with us without hesitant ! Super duper uper friendly ! (:

Ngilgi cave was very amazing. The tour guide told us lots of stuffs about the cave. AND! he said that even there is earthquake it is not likely for the cave to collapse or what . THIS IS PROVEN! There are even shape of dumbledore from harry potter spotted in the cave! COOL RIGHT!

Day 5 :
Off we go to the caversham wildlife park! Kangaroos, koala bears, wombat etcetc! We got to feed the kangaroos and take even touch them! SO EXCITING! The wombat is always looking so grumpy and sleepy heh cute! We took loads of picture however my camera died on me on the wrong time! So , my camera have little photos of this place.

Last activity of the day is the CIP at mercy care Retirement village.This particular activity left a very very big impression on me. how to say, this was a memorable. We sang the Christmas carols that we have practiced.At first it was quite embarrassing, however when i saw some of the elderly singing along i felt that i should sing louder and should be more confident since some of them was enjoying it (: After that each person gets paired up together with an elderly to  do a paper Christmas tree.The lady i got paired up with was really friendly told me alot of her story and asked me alot of questions. She told me to address her as Nell. Her story was rather sad, she looked like she was going to cry when she was talking about her husband that died 25 years ago.. Apparently her daughter is suffering from cancer and is fighting for her life in the hospital.However she is still very cheery. It made me realised that actually i'm a very lucky person i've got my family with me now. No matter how hard is life , carry on with your life and smile.

That's all the important and memorable part of the trip ! :D Really enjoyed this trip. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

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