Monday, December 5, 2011

Overall reflection, Winnie

Day 1:
When I first arrived at Perth airport, I was surpised that the weather was so windy as I first thought that it will be warm there. After arriving in Perth, we took a long bus ride to Albany. When I got down of the bus , there were lots of flies.  After our meal at a restaurant in Kojonup, we proceeded tothe Torndirrup National Park. The scenery was simply breathtaking!!:) 

As there's no wind farm in Singapore, It was my very first time seeing a actual windfarm.

Day 2:
After having our breakfast, we went to have school exchange at Great Southern Grammar school. As I was going around the school, I realised there were lots of differences between their school and our school. For example, all the students at Great Southern Grammar school carry the same school bags whereas we don't. Their school compound is also much more bigger than ours. Most students there have more than one CCA and most of them take many sports as their CCAs. Students were very friendly and we played cricket with them during their PE lessons.

After the school exchange programme, we went for thge Tree Top Walk at Walpole. The trees there are much more taller than the trees here in Singapore. Even though the bridge we walked on is quite unstable, it was fun still.:)

Day 3:
Due to the bushfire near the Margaret River in WA, we could not go to the school as it has been closed down for a few days. Instead, we went to a beach where we had fun there.

we went to the Ngilgi cave. As it was my first time going into a cave, I felt excited and felt that it was really amazing when I saw the rocks in the cave.

Day 4:
We went to Fermantle for the round house after our breakfast in the hotel. The guide there showed us how the prisoners were kept back then and he also showed us around the place.

We also went to Monument Hill to take some photos.

After that, we went shopping at the Fermantle Market to buy some local food and
Souvenirs. People there were very friendly towards us. We also went to the Macadamia Nuts Farm to learn about how the Macdamia Nuts is processed and bought some of the products there.

Day 5:
I guess this day is the most memorable day I had throughout this 8 days trip in Perth. After our breakfast, we headed to the Caversham Wildlife Park to see the animals there and what I was waiting to see were the Kangaroos and the Koala. We even get the chance to feed and touch them:)!!!!

We went to visit the Mercy Care Retirement Village for our CIP. We were glad that we were able to bring some joy and warmth to these elderly. They were really nice and friendly towards us.

Day 6:
We went to the Pinnacles Desert and coastal sand dunes today after breakfast:) We saw limestone formations again in the Pinnacles Desert. The scenery in the desert was awesome and it was also a brand new experience for me as I had never been to a desert before. Even though going up the sand dunes was quite tiring, it's still fun as we got to have fun there by having sandboarding.

Day 7:

Our last day in Perth was SHOPPING!!!!! We went to Habour Town Factory Outlet and the City malls for shopping. We also went to the SciTech( CSI forensic Investigators) to learn about science.

 Before we went to the airport for our departure back to Singapore,  our bus driver, Mr Trevor, brought us to the King's park and botanic garden to take some photos and it was our last place to visit in Perth for our trip. The night scenery of Perth was beautiful!!!

~ Back to S'pore^^~

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